Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter waiting

Here, at the turning of the year, again I am standing at a crossroads. I am longing to take action, to jump over the steps it will take to develop the next phase. I've been working towards this for the past two years, maybe longer. There is value in methodical steps, there is the necessity of incubation. And I can't, as it has been said, push the river, especially when it appears to be frozen.

I am often impatient. I like to move quickly, I want to make things HAPPEN. I am restless; I have been internal for too long. Perhaps fear is clouding the situation, which actually is a good one.

Winter is the time for stillness. The world seems to be holding its breath; I am holding my breath, trying to fend off the panic generated by what seems like an endless transition. When I relax, I realize that the process is going well. I have spent a lot of time studying, dreaming, seeding. I am ready to manifest, once that proverbial river thaws.

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